My Top Four Yarn Shop Experiences

Much like my previous post about my favorite tea shops, I’d like to take a minute and tell you about the best yarn experiences I’ve had so far! I am the kind of girl who absolutely loves looking for treasures and wandering through new places. Some of my yarn stores are in similar locations as my tea shops, so maybe that just makes it easier for you to visit both!

Let me start in good old Huntsville, Alabama. Wedged in a quaint little shopping plaza, Fiber Artwork is a wonder to behold. I walked in by chance while visiting my sister and was overcome by the gorgeous yarn displays.


There was every color and shade I could think of and my eyes were immediately drawn to a wall of multi-colored skeins. While Fiber Artwork is not the cheapest yarn store I’ve been to, the quality of the yarn was incredible! As I walked to the cash register nervous about the price of my lone skein (I made an adorable hat by the way), my nerves were immediately set at ease by the southern charm of the store owner. She encouraged me that the color was beautiful and would create something great. She also gave me a free goody for being a new customer and told me if I ever wanted to come visit again, Fiber Artwork offers classes and welcomes customers to knit their hearts out at the table in the store. If I lived closer, I know where I’d be on a week night! If you’re in the area or visiting, I would highly recommend going to see their yarn organization and buy at least one skein.

untangled-purlsNext, let’s go to Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is my tribute to the yarn store with the cutest name I’ve come across yet; Untangled Purls was a knitting experience worth having. While visiting another of my sisters I was recommended to check out this cute little shop and returned a total of three times. I found beautiful colors and tons of fiber options for any price range. Like Fiber Artwork, Untangled Purls had an area designated for crafters to come and work in a circle. I watched as a woman sat there knitting while I browsed. She would look up every once in a while and ask the woman behind the cash register about some knitting-related question. The whole spirit of camaraderie and learning made me want to spend hours joining in. I would say one of my favorite aspects of Untangled Purls (besides their friendly staff and great resources) was the bargain bins full of half-priced,good-quality yarns just begging to be bought. I will definitely be returning there on my next visit east.

My husband has been stationed in Germany for two years, which ideehas resulted in a few trips “across the pond.” On more than one trip to Weisbaden, I have found myself walking through the doors of Idee der creativmarkt. Yes, you read that right. And yes, you can pretty much pronounce and understand it. Great, right? Idee is more along the lines of a European JoAnn Fabrics, selling a wide range of craft supplies;  however, I wasn’t bombarded by the same old acrylic yarn. This place had its own spin.

While still being the affordable price of a box store, I was instead transported to a colorful-needlesmodern neon European yarn haven (try saying that five times). I mean, for heaven’s sake, there was an escalator in the store and more craft accessories than I knew what to do with. I ended up committing myself to the collection of these gorgeous rainbow knitting needles. For those of you who are interested and want a full set without having to hunt for the needles, you can find something similar on Knit Pick’s here.

Lastly, I want to share my all-time favorite yarn shop experience to date. It takes us back four years ago when I traveled to Nova Scotia, Canada. Gaspereau Valley Fibres was my dream yarn experience. From the moment I set eyes on the front door, I had aspirations of finding or owning a similar yarn shop.


Surrounded by gorgeous hilly countryside with live sheep frolicking all around, Gaspereau was the ultimate experience. There was a great array of price options and yarn gaspereauweights, and my mother and I had a ball digging through their bathtub full of rovings. The color palettes and atmosphere were a sanctuary welcoming you in from the crisp autumn morning wind, donning you in the fibers of your choosing. I truly hope I can go back some day. I’ve never shopped in a place that was so naturally picturesque.

What did you think of my top four yarn stores? Did you have a similar experience? Maybe you know some places I’ve missed. Please tell me, and share this post with the knitter in your life. Local businesses always need customers, and the more I can help, the better.


One thought on “My Top Four Yarn Shop Experiences

  1. That was an enjoyable journey with you through four lovely yarn shops. I have been to one of those yarn shops myself. Thanks for the memory.


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