You Bought a New Car. Now What?

Guess what? We got a new car! Isn’t she beautiful?


As a couple in our mid-twenties it may or may not shock you that neither my husband nor I have ever owned our own car. Now here we are with a 2016 Prius, monthly payments, and a new sense of pride and dread. Car owners know where I’m coming from on this, I’m sure.

So now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me tell you, when you’re sitting in your brand new car which feels very sterile, empty, and void of personality, you will want to buy a few items that will make your everyday drive more enjoyable. Let me share the list my husband and I have come up with thus far.

1. USB splitterimg_2728

With so much of the world turning to smart phones that use chargers with USB plug in capabilities, it’s pretty nice to keep a USB splitter that can charge more than one device at the same time. We are going to be a household with only one car for a while, so it will be good to have this splitter for not only the two of us, but also for future guests riding along
with us.

2. Spare charge cord

One of the downfalls of this awesome USB splitter we bought is the fact that we don’t have an extra charger cord to go with it. Because of this we are charging our phones on our drive in the morning. We will soon invest in a new charger. You don’t need anything fancy, just something as simple as this will work.

img_27343. Swiffer duster

Our dash board and all of its fancy capabilities are gorgeous. However, dust happens, and if you like the looks of this new dash board, it’s going to drive you insane when it gets dusty. Or maybe that’s just me?  Either way I highly recommend this duster because it’s small and can easily be stored in the car. That way you can dust whenever the mood strikes you. Check out the deal on amazon here.

4. Travel Trash

When I was a little girl my parents were gifted a travel trash bag. That bag was a life saver on car trips and kept our car much cleaner than our rival friends’ cars. The bag attaches to the head rests and hangs on the back of the passenger’s seat, giving easy access to the driver and a contortionist passenger. Look for one that has a liner on the inside for easy clean up. Another investment is a top that closes with either Velcro or magnets. That way any stinky trash is closed up. Check out some of the options I found here, and here.

5. Blanket

img_2736Believe me, when you can pull a blanket out of your car, you’ll be everyone’s favorite driver. Whether it’s for your spontaneous outdoor adventure, or to warm up someone in the car, this blanket will be very helpful. While I won’t be needing a blanket for this purpose in the south, my father has always encouraged me to keep a blanket and boots like this in the car during the winter, because you never know when the car might break down and you have to walk, or when you’ll be sleeping in your car and need a little extra warmth. Keep in mind for those situations, a blanket like this will be very nice.

I hope reading this post will give you some good ideas of what to keep in your car. If you have any ideas of something important to you that I’m missing, please feel free to share your must-have item in the comment section!


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